Evolutional transformations are no more sufficient to lead the market. In  many areas the potential has been drained and disruptive changes  inside businesses are needed in order to succeed in  competition  with aggressive technology companies.




We disrupt industry

  • Concept of city logistics, same-day delivery and last mile. Concept of city cross-docking
  • Disrupt Procurement and Digital Procurement -  new view on role of Procurement 
  • New Normal - changes on labour market, toosl and approaches to adapt to new world


Utilize potential of your business

  • Learn to innovate and improve, remove barriers that hold you back
  • Set up procurement and supply chain to bring you profit, remove black holes
  • Learn to work with people in the new labor market inmpacted by automation and digital


We help you with your operations

  • We train your drivers, sales and otherstaff
  • Costs analysis and reporting
  • Automation and ITprojects
  • We arrange transport and warehousing 
  • We find any supplier
  • we setup your planning and routing

Quick contact

Write us on info@digichain.cz


Robert Sobčák


Supply Chain Managementu and Procurement expert. Focused on improving supply chains and building new services in this area. Worked for variety of companies internationally, e.g. Accenture, Škoda Auto, T-Mobile. As Chief Operating Officer in a food retailer Košík.cz managed operations and transformation of the warehouse as well as distribution network.

Markéta Schwoiser


Expert in warehousing and transportation managemen. Worked previously on transformation of Czech Army; managed transformation of transportation in Heineken as well as implementation of warehouse management systems; managed transformation of bus operator Student Agency. She also participated in warehouse transformation in Košík.cz.

Mirek Střihavka

Managing Partner

He spent his entire career in sales, marketing, finance, facilities and IT.  His focus is on innovations, change and improvement of sales models and processes. He worked for Český telecom, HomeCredit, RaiffeisenBank, ZUNO, PWC and Deloitte. He has extensive experience from international environment, e.g. USA, China, Czech and Slovak Rep.,  Russia.

Zdeněk Wimmer

Sales Manager

More than 14 years of selling technologies and services. He was the best salesman and Store Manager of SETOS group, where he was in charge of brand stores Nokia (5 years) and then Samsung (6 years). In over 11 years his stores were always the most profitable on the country level. He made a lot of effort in building teams for salesmen, their motivation and development.

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