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How to succeed when world wants different Me?

All the news and talks nowadays are about how everything is changing, business is changing, climate is changing, labor market is changing.

Everybody knows he needs to change something, but most are affraid. Why? In the previous centuries the world was changing slowlier. You knew, that business needs new ideas, so children and grand children took over, young blood, new wind. And you retired, looked at children, who you tought everything, build on your legacy and you enjoyed retirement. More or less, of course history is more complicated, but let's simplify.

Nowadays everything is faster. People have to learn all life to use new tools, new methods to keep up. They often need to do a totally different job in many cases. Now even this is not enough, in mid career people have to become somebody else. Their analytical skills and tasks are being taken over by robots and suddenly they shall become relationship builders, stakeholder managers.

Let's face it - it is difficult. Most people don't even know where to begin, how to seek for different self. What else could they do? From office manager to yoga coach? Most people aren't so open minded. Worst thing is there is nobody to help them. Try to apply for a job, that requires 15 years of experience in some area. Try to explain the recruiter, that you can offer great people skills, you have soft skills and ideas that can move the company further than somebody else. No way. Your current boss is likely struggling with himself as well, so no help there either. I remember a company applying globally Gallup Strengthsfinder, great tool to help you understand your strengths. Initial excitement was huge. Most people realized they were in the wrong place, doing wrong job. Then everybody realized nothing changes, because all supervisors focused on hard skill, apply internally for different job was no-go.

Result - many smart and ambitious ones left the company (good for them).

Now companies try to reinvent self, they seek for different skills, but do it in the old way. They seek for people ready for the new world, but they find the old world people who can't help themselves. World is full of companies seeking for right people fitting to their specs, but there is a giant need for services helping job seekers who seek something else than what they did in the last 20 years.

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