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New era for ecommerce

We have seen growing adoption of ecommerce and it's spread into new sectors, eg food delivery. Industry went through an adoption curve, moving beyond early adopters. Entire economy struggles with reformation and move from traditional sectors of economy towards ecommerce.

Suddenly developed world wakes up into unprecedented situation - coronavirus crisis. Many people not allowed to go out and buy basic needs. Other people afraid to do so. Ecommerce suddenly became one of key sector of economy allowing people to go through this. This change is so unexpected that nobody was prepared for it and companies struggle to fulfill the demand.

We live in an unprecedented accelerator of events which will eventually settle down, for ecommerce it means new era though. It is likely there will be huge loses for economy as a whole especially for some industries and that slowly people return to normal lives.

Still for ecommerce is to expect accelerated change of user preferences to home delivery. People are now in many cases forced by circumstances to use ecommerce. There are recommendations of experts to “save” struggling economy by motivating people still keep buying, but remotely. Part of people who get used to new buying habits will keep them after crisis ends.

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