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Why everbody should start buying online but they won't

We are adapting to new normal, post-Covid world. Probably every day you can read news that everathing will be changing as well as everything is getting to where it was before. Prices of the cars will go up, but you can buy cars with heavy discount.

I guess everybody is guessing and shaping their predictions as things get clearer. Still - people like black and white statements. Truth is inbetween - Covid accelerated many trends such as working from home or buying food online. It doesn't mean that everybody is going to start working from home nor everybody is going to buy food online. Often growth from 15% to 20% in a short period of time makes it seem like there everything changes now, because everybody talks about it, everybody writes about it.

Therefore nobody should be surprised, there is a decrease of online food business after people are returning to their normal lives. It is not returning where it was before, growth is pretty solid, but still there must be certain stabilisation. Reason is that we are dealing with people habits, that have been formed for decades for many people and now they got an impulse to try out something new. It is like having a test drive with new car is very successful method to bring people buy it. But still not everybody buys. Same here with ecommerce - many people, who normally wouldn't even consider buying food online, had an opportunity to try it out. Few will switch and continue preferring online shopping, some will use online shops time to time (along with shopping in their traditional shops) and many will not.

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